Service Plans

A Plan to Suit

NovaPhone offers a basic WiFi mobile phone package, offering unlimted voice calls to US locations, and unlimited text messaging, and unlimited data transfer. cell_phone_man That’s right, unlimited phone, unlimited texting and unlimited data for just $9.50 a month wholesale price). For additional information, visit our end user site at

No Contract

NovaPhones are sold on a month to month basis. Neither you nor your customer are required to sign a long term contract. This means you can cancel your service at any time without a penalty. We want to earn your business, not force it.

No Hidden Costs

With NovaPhone, what you see is what you pay. You are probably already familiar with the practice of most phone companies and cell providers of quoting one price and then adding on all sorts of taxes and fees. So a quoted price of $30 often ends up being $60 in actual cost. We don’t believe in this practice. Our cost shown above includes all the taxes, fees, etc. So, when we say your cost is $9.50, that is what the customer pays.