Does WiFi Matter?

Can You Hear Me Now?

It is no secret that the US cellular network is less than 100% reliable. Buildings, trees, and terrain can make cellular service an iffy proposition.

Making matters worse, cellular networks are having an increasingly harder time penetrating modern buildings and those LTE networks running on high frequency bands will not make things easier for them.

NovaPhone is a mobile phone service that uses WiFi, rather than cell service to make and receive voice calls and texts. So, while your competitor’s customers are screaming “Can you hear me now?”, your customers will be making absolutely clear voice calls anywhere there is WiFi.

But Where is WiFi available?

According to a recent study, the total Public WiFi hotspots have surpassed 50 million globally, increasing by 80% since 2013. The number of hotspots are expected to grow rapidly and to hit 340 million by 2018. You heard that right: 340 Million

What if you could use all of the different WiFi networks that users are connected to for transporting the voice calls that would normally go over the cellular network? All of a sudden mobile operators would be able to offer coverage for their voice services virtually everywhere people spend most of their time.

NovaPhone has WiFi Calling today!

NovaPhone is a WiFi enabled addition for your mobile phone. What this means is that you can make phone calls and send text messages when connected to any WiFi system and still use your cell system as a backup when a WiFi connection cannot be found.

As you move out of WiFi range, the phone will seamlessly switch to the nearest cell tower. When you return to WiFi range, it will switch back. WiFi is preferred over cell tower.

The NovaPhone Difference(s)

NovaPhone is a different breed of mobile phone.

  • Phone and Text over Wifi
  • Ordinary cell phones cannot place or receive calls unless you are connected to the cell tower.

  • Phone Number is owned by the user, not the device.
  • With an ordinary cell phone, your device is assigned a phone number. NovaPhone assigns the phone number to you, the subscriber, not the device. If you lose or destroy your device, you can activate your account on another device and continue to send and receive calls and texts using the same number.

  • Use your account while travelling.
  • When you travel abroad, you can still use your NovaPhone account. Whether you are connected through your hotel Wifi, or through a local country SIM, NovaPhone will still place and receive calls at your regular phone number. (No need to tell all your friends how to get hold of you.)

  • Record Your Calls
  • NovaPhone can record all of your calls for later review.

  • Sold only through dealers.
  • NovaPhone is not available in the Google play store. It is sold exclusively through dealers like you.

Become a Dealer!

NovaPhone is looking for distributors through out the US. If you have an interest in reselling NovaPhone mobile phones, check out the Dealers page.

To get started, register today. That’s it! No cash or credit card required. Call us today at 1-888-720-1089 or click on the dealer signup page.